Arrecife Holbox in the Gulf of Mexico

23January 2022

Isla Holbox is an island in the Gulf of Mexico located between the Yucatan Peninsula plus the Pacific Ocean. Portion of the Yum Balam Nature Preserve, it is separated from the mainland by a significant lagoon, inhabited with flamingos and pelicans. The island does not have any cars which is home to a diverse ecosystem of marine creatures. Highlights of Arrecife Holbox are the laid-back village of Isla Nuevo plus the beautiful Clavillo Coco Beach front.

To explore the isle, you must first can get on a golfing cart or rent a bike. It is possible to use a car during the day, but Isla Holbox is much more picturesque without it. You may make a bike or a golf cart to visit around the area. Street art can be everywhere, and you can buy virtually any type of enredo from a local vendor. The city of Atolón Nuevo has a small down-town area covered with shops and ramshackle restaurants. There are not any bars or chain accommodations, and that makes Isla Renovado the perfect destination to enjoy a comforting vacation.

In spite of being a small island, Isla Holbox may be a dream vacation spot. The beaches and lakes and rivers are beautiful and you can use hours soaking up the sun. You can find incredible marine life, including whale sharks and dolphins, inside the crystal-clear water. There are plenty of superb local eating places as well, so to get bound to get something you like. A visit to Atolón Nuevo can be described as dream getaway.

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